How time flies!

January 6th, 2009

So, it’s the new year again. And, of course, I haven’t been blogging for the longest time. So I thought it’s useful to use the new year to start again at my beginnings (and never breathe a word about my loss).

This is the start of the last year of the first decade of the new millennium – whew that’s a mouthful! (Although to be pedantic, the first decade may actually end only in 2010.) And where has this decade gone? In war, storms, floods, near famine, recession, and so many terrible terrorist attacks worldwide.

And what do we look forward to? The first African American President of the US or … shit! I can’t think of a single other thing which we as citizens of the world can look forward to in 2009 (and the next decade)!

That is a horrible fact of the world we live in today. The first decade of the 20th century was replete with scientific and technological achievements. There was art and literature. The new millennium had begun well. (Of course, the First World War came along in the next decade and we saw the start of bloodier conflicts than had ever been seen before.)

So I think, that we need to start this new year with a thought for hope. Anindita lead me to this wonderful poem by Sheena Pugh (even with the clarifications!). And here’s another poem which I find thought provoking, this one by Robert Francis.

Eat, drink, make love, be merry, for tomorrow is still uncertain, but today you are alive!

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