The question is – does it work as a poem?

February 19th, 2009

Demetri Martin has taken a bunch of palindromes and strung them together to make a “poem”. It’s interesting, and has it’s virtues – but I’m not so sure it’s a good poem after all! What do you think?

A 224-Word Palindrome – Neatorama

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  1. Pamposh

    Hmm. Clever but meaningless is my (somewhat arrogant?) verdict.
    Silly passing thought: wouldn’t it have been more fun if the word that means “palindrome” had itself been one..? (OK, that thought’s quite meaningless too, but at least it’s shorter…)

  2. Aditya

    Well there are (Semordnilaps) which are words that read differently backwards and forwards!

  3. Pamposh

    Well, whatdyaknow. You learn something new every day. Not necessarily something *useful,* but kinda fun. I take that back. Very useful if you want to write one of those thinggumijigs. Lol.
    Keep up the good work of keeping us informed and entertained…

  4. Anindita

    Hmm…this is found poetry, i think. i think it works in bits but doesn’t come together. for a better example, check out Vivek Narayanan’s experiment with found poetry on his blog:

    i think that’s quite brilliant.

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