Sometimes I wish this is how I could be…

October 28th, 2008

toothpaste for dinner

unfortunately, most times I just fix the computer. Why does everyone think that because I work in IT and am good with computers, it necessarily means I want to fix them all the time, especially when IT’S YOUR OWN STUPID FAULT YOUR COMPUTER IS F***KED UP ANYWAY!*

* I mean who told you to click that link while browsing in Internet Explorer? Didn’t I install Firefox for you the last time I was here?

ps. I like fixing computers, just not under circumstances described above!

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  1. Keerti Mallela

    Gawd !

    I wish people did not think of s/w folks this way. I think what we need here is a change in perception. I think it would be good to know that the folks do not after all learn fixing computers !! 😀

    Nice thoughts 🙂

  2. Aditya

    @keerti: I agree – in fact, because I know computers I am expected to know about all sorts of technological stuff like dvds, lcd tvs, hifi systems, cameras!

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