Fly away home…

February 7th, 2005

Over the last two weeks, my wife has been out of town nearly every single day… In fact last week, she came back on Thursday night (and the flight was so late that it was nearly Friday morning!) and unexpectedly, she had to travel over the weekend as well. She got home last night, and will be out again on Tuesday.

This, not unexpectedly, has had both of us worrying about the time we get to spend together… and she believes that I am feeling upset or angry that she isn’t at home more. How can I explain to her that maybe she needs to have a little more faith in me.

Yes, I do miss her a lot when she’s not around. But that’s not reason enough for her to feel insecure about our marriage. I remember when we got married, we said, we’re young now. If we can’t work hard and make a career over the next few years, then we’ll be doing it when we’re older, with kids and other responsibilities… and maybe we should agree that we might not get as much time as we would like.

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